Jewell Style Bags

Jewell Style Bags

Life Lived Beautifully

Launched in the spring of 2013, Jewell offers high end totes and handbags, scarves, belts and other fun and functional accessories to women who love to sample trends with their friends. but with a “personal shopper” twist. An intriguing direct sale opportunity, Jewell shares its stylish merchandise through intimate Boutique Parties, invitation only affairs that permit Jewell Representatives to work closely with each customer to achieve her own signature style. Unlike other home-based party models, the Jewell Way emphasizes small groups of good friends shopping the Jewell collections together, perhaps in a home, but maybe in a coffee shop, office or other high energy location.

Intimate Equals Individual Style

Jewell Representatives work with small. like-minded groups of women, a truly “boutique” approach emphasizing that each guest leaves the gathering knowing her particular path to her personal sense of style and organization was traveled. Boutiques are limited to the Host and four women looking to refine and enhance their approach to finding and embracing the very best in refined and elegant bags and fashionable accessories, adding in pieces to streamline organization and simplify retrieval of essential items. Your Jewell Representative listens to your needs and guides development of your perfect system to meet them.

Bags Are But the Beginning

Once the bag is chosen and personalized organizers added, the Jewell Representative helps finish the look, exactly what women spend hundreds of dollars to receive from a Personal Shopper in an exclusive shop or department store, but more fun with friends. Scarves and belts pull together your signature style, and having four girlfriends along to encourage you on your journey gives you the support needed to reach your fashion potential. Practical advice from friends and a Jewell shopping professional results in a fabulous expression of who you really are given the right accessories.

Our Book, Your Look -- On Your Terms

Rather than a “one size fits all” catalog Jewell uses a “Look Book” just like many personal shoppers to help each client find her own way. Seasonal collections and constant companions will be featured, giving each Jewell client the fashion foundation to look her very best 365 days out of the year. Once the pieces are chosen in the Boutique, they are shipped directly to the client, or to her friends, colleagues or family if they are gifts. Custom gift cards and elegant gift wrapping are available, emphasizing the high quality and refined nature of this direct sale approach.

Buy Through Jewell and Change a Life

Every Boutique hosted has the potential to impact positively the lives of women who need a little help through the Dress for Success program. A Jewell Boutique netting $300 or more will see a ten percent product donation made to this unique opportunity for women in need. The means to dress appropriately for job interviews and work can make all the difference in the future success of these women, and you and your shopping soulmates can see that this difference becomes a reality for women in the community through your Boutique experience.


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What is Jewell?

Jewell is an innovative concept in direct sales featuring a "personal shopper" twist to the ordinary "home party" model. Intimate gatherings of good friends, no more than four plus a host, work with a Jewell Representative to discover each woman's personal style at a "Boutique", bags organized and accessorized perfectly.

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handbags, accessories, scarves, belts

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